Creative ways to save for a vacation

1. Open a dedicated savings accounts

Instead of withdrawing money from your savings account before your trip, just open a dedicated savings account for your trip. Do not mingle with this account for your regular spends, instead use this money only for your trip. In this way you will also be able to track the true cost of your trip. 

2. Set up automatic transfers at regular interval

Now that you have set up an acount make sure you fund it at regular intervals. So set up an automatic transfer at a regular interval to do it for you. A transfer of INR 5000 a month adds up to nearly INR 60,000 by the end of the year. This amount will atleast take care of your flights, visas and hotel bookings. 

3. Make a travel jar for small coins and lower currency notes

Fill up the jar with spare change. This idea might sound a lil kiddish but well trust us you will accumulate alot in a year. 

4. Once you decide the destination keep looking for flash sales and time only offers

Even if your destination is not decided and you are still confused, you can still implement this. Decide on a few destinations and check their off seasons. You will find reasonable rates during this period. Also check for flash slaes on airfares and hotels. 

5. Use your Tax refunds

And now is the time to use your tax refunds. Yes we know its tempting to use it right away but put all of it in the vacation fund.

6. Party less, save Big!

Sacrifice a little on weekends for fun later. Move what you normally would have spent on these items into your vacation fund and it will be all worth it on your trip :)

Hope this helps. Happy travels!