Honeymoon destinations in Asia

1) Bali
Bali is the most desirable island destination for Honeymooners. Apart from beautiful beaches Bali also has natural sites to explore. Bali has wide range of accommodations, water villas, private villas, spas, restaurants, clubs etc. There is a special vibe in Bali which makes the honeymoon more authentic and memorable.

2) Vietnam
Vietnam is a truly hidden gem that only those visiting the country themselves will be able to tell. Vietnam has breathtaking landscapes. It offers exquisite cuisine at an affordable price. Vietnam has beautiful blue watered beaches where you can spend time relaxing or experience swimming and other water activities. There is no shortage of romantic places to visit in Vietnam.

3) Cambodia
Cambodia is a charming country however it’s an underrated one. Apparently Cambodia is experiencing a lot of international arrivals. Cambodia has an amazing history which attracts most of the travelers. Visit the majestic temples of Angkor Wat, experience the hazy atmosphere of Phnom Penh and enjoy the colonial heritage of Kep and Kampot. Cambodia is indeed an offbeat destination for the honeymooners.

4) Koh Samui
This fairy big island in Thailand is one of the top honeymoon destinations of Asia. The natural beauty island has a palm –fringed shoreline. Apart from relaxation, the island is big enough for exploration and adventure activities.

5) Phuket
Phuket – Thailand’s largest island is quite simply a paradise. It has over 15 major beaches. White sand beaches, mouth water delicacies, natural beauty and of coure the peaceful atmosphere makes this island a must visit destination for the honeymooners.

6) Rajasthan
Have you ever thought of honeymooning amongst the sands? Rajasthan offers a unique and royal experience for the couples. The heritage monuments and the royal palaces make the place more attractive. Rajasthan is truly a perfect combination of love and royalty.

7) Kerala
The god’s own country is known for its rich traditions culture, backwaters, tropical beauty, delicious cuisine etc. It’s a perfect leisure destination. The lush greenery landscapes, beautiful hills, spas make it a perfect honeymoon destination.

8) Singapore
Did you know that Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world? The cosmopolitan culture of the city makes it very attractive. It is considered as the safest city on earth. Singapore has good number of accommodation for the honeymoon couples. Singapore is city for couples looking for new experience, sights, good food and lovely city tourism.

9) Malaysia
Malaysia is a home away from home. It offers superlative attractions that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. It is said that Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. It’s a perfect tourist place filled with shopping malls, museums, and other tourist spot. It is a foodie’s paradise.

10) Srilanka
Srilanka offers many beautiful properties for honeymoon couples. Couples will be awed by the golden beaches, misty mountains, might elephants and warm smiles of the locals. Srilanka is world famous for its spicy food, lovely tea and exotic fruits. Hence Srilanka is an ideal recipe for the honeymoon lovers.