Need an adrenaline rush? Here you go

1) Srilanka
Srilanka is an awesome location with tropical beaches, coral gardens and sacred sight to explore. Srilanka provides a fantastic mix of culture, history, people, food, wildlife etc. Some of the activities that Srilanka is known for are Trekking & Hiking, Diving, Deep sea Fishing, Rock climbing, Hot air ballooning, Whale watching etc

2) Turkey
Experience a multi-sport adventure in Turkey through a fairytale of landscapes, colorful bazaars, underground cities, and coastal villages. It is the only country in the world that spans both Europe and Asia. Top adventure activities that take place in turkey are mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, skiing etc.

3) Belgium
Belgium is proud of its two traditions – Cycling and Brewing. Outdoor activities have thrived in such a beautiful and unspoilt region. September and October are generally pleasant times to visit.

4) The Carolinas
North Carolina is custom made for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. Hang glide from a sand dune on the Outer Banks. Take a bike ride on the roads where Lance Armstrong trained for his comeback, or go whitewater rafting at the facility where Olympians practice. North Carolina has lakes to sail, streams to fish and slopes to ski. There are national and state parks with hundreds of trails to explore, and local parks where activities like disc golf, tennis, and softball are daily occurrences. Outdoor recreation in South Carolina includes trails, hiking, camping, fishing, disc golf, etc

5) Namibia
Namibia has a lot to offer to adventure enthusiasts. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, five day hike, day trip, or a balloon ride over the dunes at Sossusvlei this is the place for you. Some of the activities include sandboarding, hiking, ballooning, township tours, mountain biking, quadbiking, etc.

6) Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is a destination for uncommon adventures – unparalleled diving, stone age villagers, the Mudmen and the Wigman, fascinating ancient cultural rites. Visit coastal fjords, the Western Highlands, and active volcanoes in this island nation where more than 700 languages are spoken. Remarkable underwater exploration awaits travelers who are truly seeking an uncommon adventure. This is a destination for the most experienced traveler as well as the spirited neophyte intrigued by the unusual.

7) Morocco
Morocco offers magnificent adventure opportunities like Ride dune buggies or dirt bikes across Morocco’s rugged interior terrain, Hot air balloon over the fringes of Marrakech, and watch the sun cast shadows over the desert below , Kite surf, surf or stand-up-paddle off the wet, wild and windy coast of Essaouira – an ancient, walled port town , Camel trek across the Sahara Desert and camp out under the stars in makeshift Bedouin tents, River raft through canyons and past waterfalls on the Ahansal and N’fiss Rivers etc

8) Italy
Italy has diverse amount of outdoor recreation activities available throughout the year. Saddle up for a horseback adventure through the beautiful Tuscan hills, woods and villages, Jog around Rome and see many of the city’s show-stopping attractions on this small-group, 1-hour running tour, led by a local guide, Combine free time in the foothills of Mount Etna with a visit to Alcantara Gorges and the medieval town of Randazzo. There is much more than this in adventure city of Italy.

9) China
China is actually one great destination to seek a new high adrenaline high. As for outdoor activities, hiking for its own sake has yet to catch on, though tourists have plenty of opportunities for step-aerobic-type exercise up long, steep staircases ascending China’s many holy mountains. Snow sports have become popular in Dongbei, which has several ski resorts, while the wilds of Yunnan and Sichuan, along with Qinghai and Tibet, are drawing increasing numbers of adventurous young city-born Chinese – always dressed in the latest outdoor gear – to mountaineering and four-wheel-drive expeditions.

10) New Zealand
New Zealand offers every adventure activity you can think of. It’s an adventure hub. Bungee, skydiving, caving, canyoning are some of the famous ones. Rugged mountain landscapes become off-piste playgrounds, sky-reflecting lakes turn into jet-boat racetracks while ice-blue glaciers open up for exhilarating exploration.
The Kiwis have made it possible to jump, drive, slide, roll, fly or hike through pretty much any part of the country’s terrain – making it a winter wonderland for adrenaline seekers.