Stop giving excuses and Travel Solo!

Traveling solo is on your mind since a while? Life is too short to hold on doing things that matter to you. Don't question yourself with so many questions because it is said that " If you like to travel with yourself, you are never alone". So here's why we feel that you should travel solo before the year ends

1. You can have your "Me" time Most of us are lost in this busy city life and do not have time for ourselves. Sometimes it is important to detox our mind and rediscover our self. Hence, to implement this operation Solo Traveling is the best option. You can spend time with yourself and create your own mini solo world


2. Trip planning becomes easier When traveling in a group you have to sometimes visit few places that everybody wants. These places might or might not be of your interests. However, If you are traveling alone trip planning becomes easier and you can explore the places of your choice and at your own pace without hurrying up for the next sightseeing.

3. You will overcome your fear and boost your confidence The fear stops many people from traveling alone - fear of sleeping alone, fear of talking to strangers, fear of emotions hounding you and many others. "Thinking will not overcome your fear but Action will." You have to go through it to see the other side of fear. You will soon realize your limits and how well you can handle uncomfortable situations.

4. Meeting new people We all love to be around familiar faces while traveling as they keep us in our comfort zones. Traveling solo will make you meet new people and this will expand your horizon. Chances are, these new travel buddies are going to be amazingly interesting!

5. Enjoy your freedom and be completely independent From day 1 of the trip you are on your own. You will learn to use GPS and maps, tackle language problems, learn to use public transportation,All in all you will be more attentive and become a good observer. The freedom will definitely make you more responsible.

6. And finally, you will discover, know and love yourself To change something in your life you will have to change yourself. The worst thing is to be at the same place as you were in the last year. Traveling solo is something you have never done before and this will transform you into "new" you. Discover this "new" you, know this "new" you and love the "new" you.

Are you ready to take the plunge this year?